Do you want to gain immediate reader approval of your next written messages including email, reports, SOPs, and proposals?

Here’s how: Enroll in these 5 short business writing courses--drawn from teaching over 500 business communication classes for a consumer products company known as the business writing and business logic capital of the world. They will give you original insights and actionable strategies to equip you for successful written communication.

Led by a nationally known expert, learn time-tested principles and practices that will allow you to write quickly and effectively on your own time, with fast feedback from the instructor to evaluate how well you have translated the lessons into actionable written messages.

If you want to plan, organize, and compose messages that have impact and proposals that move your career ahead, this is this business communication program is for you.

Tom introduces himself and the business writing skills sequence

Enroll now in your first class: Learn critical short message organization and design skills for $49.

What’s the value of effective business communication to you and your organization?

Here’s what top managers say

When a former student at a company renowned for its business writing moved to a Fortune 10 company, several of his colleagues asked him: Why is your email so much better than everyone else’s? And he said: It struck me then just how important everyday communication is to building an image of success and getting things done, on time and up to standard.

And he is not alone. See what other top executives have said about the importance of outstanding business writing skills.

  • If you want to run the show someday and run it well, you had better learn to think, write, and speak, in that order—clearly, forcefully, and concisely.

  • All important projects ultimately move forward on paper.

  • Clear concise messages shorten the cycle of submission, consideration, decision, and action. They get more action—faster.

  • Writing adds clarity to one’s thinking. It can be much more precise than oral communication, and it can be shared with more people in different places.

  • Given that memories are faulty, and people change, clear written records are vital.

Who Can Benefit from these Business Writing Courses?

See These Testimonies

  • Scientists & Engineers

    I was so impressed with his technical writing class, I asked Tom for his help in writing our department’s nomination for the EPA’s Presidential Green Award. He graciously agreed. His input and advice was top-notch and transformed a good nomination to a GREAT one (based on evaluator’s comments) that gained national recognition for our contribution.

  • Health Care Managers

    The email class Tom developed and implemented for our hospital led to a huge improvement in our internal communications effectiveness and was well received by our senior management and front line employees alike.

  • Administrative, Entry & Mid-Level Staff

    I had the pleasure of hiring Tom and working with him to create a customized training to achieve our goal of simplifying communication both internally and externally. Over two days Tom trained 40+ people in our department sharing simple yet effective strategies to improve writing. The best part about working with Tom is the instant results! Immediately after my staff took his course my inbox started to fill up and I could already see a drastic improvement in their communication.

  • New Managers/Supervisors

    Your program was clear, concise, and practical. It has been the most enlightening training course I have had to date and will undoubtedly be of great benefit to me during my career with the company.

  • Senior Executives

    I use the concepts I learned from Tom’s CommuniSkills curriculum on a daily basis. It is the single most important training of my professional career. …Tom’s communication training is a “must-have” for professionals who rely on written and oral communication to influence others.

  • ESL: Individual coaching

    English is my third spoken language. The tools and training provided helped me expand my critical thinking abilities: how to make decisions about what to include and not include in my writing. I learned important strategies for writing effective emails, starting with the subject line. I also enriched my abilities on how to write messages for different audiences and understand when to be formal or direct.

What you will learn in the writing skills sequence

Throughout these classes you will be viewing scenarios and complete exercises to help you transform ineffective email, reports, SOPs, and proposals into messages that are visually attractive, logically coherent, and tactfully presented while allowing your readers to accurately understand your meaning in a single reading.

You will learn to design messages that meet the different needs of a variety of technical and business readers to facilitate easy navigation of a variety of simple and complex messages, including the effective use of

  • Opening paragraphs that serve as executive summaries of your message

  • Deductively organized, easily scannable body paragraphs

  • Clear action steps that indicate Who does What and When

  • Visual design tools (e.g., headings, lists, bullet points) to help you win your readers’ three moments of truth: skim, scan, and word-for-word

  • Editing techniques that allow you to write messages that fit on a single cell phone screen

Teaching approaches

  • Autonomous learning

    Self-paced education, in your space, on your time, with workbooks and video resources you can pause, rewind, and review. Many have found it valuable to download and print the workbooks or to use two screens, one for the video and one for the workbook.

  • Simple to understand and apply success strategies

    Initial exercises serve as a platform for more complex exercises. They highlight the relationship of good message design to helping readers meet their goals when they skim, scan, and read messages word-for-word.

  • Model messages

    They provide good examples upon which workshop participants can model their own messages, the fastest way to implement the skills taught in the business writing workshops

  • Logical coherence

    Our approach assures coherent argumentation, with the three main parts of a message--Goals, Findings, and Steps--aligned with one another

  • Complete deductive arguments

    Using an inverted pyramid design, paragraphs are organized to prove points logically and empirically

  • Immediate feedback

    Classes include an optional post-class exercise that the instructor will review with comments within 48 hours of submission.

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Meet your Instructor

Thomas Clark, PhD

Business Communication Coach

I founded CommuniSkills, a company for which my co-workers and I have taught over 500 business writing and oral communication classes for the Procter & Gamble Company. We have also served Meta, Microsoft, General Electric, AK Steel, Nestle, General Cable, and SC Johnson Wax among other clients. I have authored two books, Power Communication and Career Strategies, and over 65 articles on a variety of business communication topics. I earned my PhD at Indiana University.

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